Why Social Violence Is a Threat?

Youth violence is a shared social problem as stated in edubirdie review. Many people thus propose that governments need to tackle this issue by controlling the media, whom people see as responsible for inciting this violence through films and television. While youth are undoubtedly swayed by external influences, I disagree that it is a government’s obligation to censor the entertainment industry; rather, it is up to society itself to handle the matter. Today’s young people may be influenced by many things, from films to websites to their peers. It is unreasonable, then, to single out films and sitcoms as a main influencer of violence. In other words, kids may see violence and kindness, greed and generosity, and all other human behaviors in pretty equal measure everywhere. They can witness all of these things in one news broadcast or viral Youtube clip just as easily as they can in an action flick.

Therefore, blaming edubirdie reviews is not only unfair, but it is also wrong in that it ignores the root causes of certain social behaviors. To suggest that the government can control this is to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves. Indeed, a government’s role is not to act as parents to its citizens, but to maintain order and provide the tools for society to thrive; it should not tell people what they can and cannot do. On the other hand, parents can and must oversee what their children are exposed to, be it online, in a movie, a book, or any other source. Consequently, parents must decide whether they want their children to watch a horror film. It is not for governments to ban studios from making it.


Furthermore, once we all the government to engage in censorship in one area, it will be free to act in all spheres of our lives because negative influences are everywhere and have always been so. Restricting people’s access to the media will not stop violence. In fact, essay writing services reviews may increase it as citizens begin to fight for their freedoms. In conclusion, social behavior patterns are impacted by many things, including, but not limited to media products, and society should take care control of this. Governments should not be allowed to restrict what film or TV companies produce because they will then have to spread their control to all areas of society.